Cricket Crazy

My blog these days almost resembles a dormant volcano with posts errupting from my brain once in 2 months .
Reading the newspapers and watching the news these days has become a painful experience for most of cricket’s ardent supporters. Each person worth his salt has some opinion to say about the team . The horrible losses we suffered against Bangladesh and SriLanka notwithstanding, its the postmortem being carried out which numbs the senses. Little children with hardly any achievement to boast of have media coverage for their slanderous digs at the cricketers.
However bad our state in cricket be, I personally believe we habe no right to burn people’s effigies and deface people’s photographs.
I wouldn’t blame the local public, my question is to the media… “why do you give coverage to such events?” Does all this account for “Breaking news “( other than the Abhiash wedding ofcourse)
Why do we think so much with our heart, raise our sportstars, celebrities on a pedestal when they are doing well and then leave them in a lurch when their stars are not shining on them …
More than anything else, lets learn to concentrate on real “Breaking News”.
As for the cricketers the best option is to ignore them till they start performing consistently… ( but I really can’t stop watching cricket :))….

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