Metro… a way of life

Due to my extraordinary( pun intended) past experiences with movies which are a collection of short stories which have some common thread, I had to be dragged to watch the movie, Metro.
However I am glad i was .There are very few movies which actually set you thinking about the rat race called life. Each day begins and ends almost like a reflection of a previous day without much thought given to anything.
In property ads we hear descriptions of the amenities and more amenities.We run to buy a flat with maximum amenities but without giving a thought about the little almost non existent time we have to enjoy them. The little time we have is spent mulling over the EMI rates which seem to be smiling back at us wickedly.
Its a trend to talk about spending “quality” time rather than “quantity” time with our loved ones. If only if it were that easy to define “quality”.
We keep running the race and climbing the ladder and when we have decide we have reached the winning post or the top most rung of the ladder, the path which we traversed would have a trail of many things which we would we had waited and enjoyed.
However the pace of life has reached such a frenzy , that despite the thought of slowing down … the EMIS and all the jazz jsut keep smiling and we just cant stop running.

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