Return of the prodigy

Being a huge Ferrari fan, the racing season has been quite a disappointment, but for the rise of Lewis Hamilton. I vouch for the fact that there is no harm in acknowledging genius even if it happens to be your competitor. His colleague, a certain Mr. Alonso though has some difficulty in accepting this fact. His insecurity shows in the form of his silly gaffes ( which I dont mind anyways 🙂 ) . Kimi Riakonnen is blessed with good luck which seems to just increase each season ..and he does make it a point to share with his team too 🙂 .

I miss Schumi but the competition just got tougher for Alonso from the least expected quarters … just in his backyard.
Guess there is something between me and Spain… Nadal, Alonso and Barcelona to just name a few. Like the popular ad punchline says aptly “And the battle continues…..”

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One Response to Return of the prodigy

  1. Aslan says:

    totally agree with the ‘acknowledging genius even if competition’ bit. it’s why i like nadal now n’ schumi (in spite of Jerez ’97). as for ferrari, kimi’s entry has mellowed my stand against them somewhat n’ i’m in a precarious position (which many other F1 fans find themselves in this year) with my feet in his car and hamilton’s mclaren.. may the force be with him at Indy. oh n’ i almost forgot.. super blog 🙂

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