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Battered , bruised and burnt â€¦

She slowly dragged her bruised frame. Each step taken was a reminder of the pain she was enduring. The scratches on her arms and feet, the torn shirt sleeves, each of them made her relive the torrid time she had … Continue reading

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I was tagged by blogarina “Silverine” to write some mindless trivia about myself 🙂 … Thanks Anjali .. ( hope its not too boring folks)So here I come.. 1.LAST MOVIE YOU SAW IN A THEATER:Ok Ok I have this tendency … Continue reading

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A new ride ahead

Hi friends, I just conducted a practice session on my blog dedicated to Formula 1. If there are any fellow enthusiasts, do drive in to “Need for Speed“.

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Matters that weigh on my mind!!!

Around a quarter century ago, a tiny, underweight being came into this world.(seems so long ago…. Whew!!!)Her young mother, aghast at the bag of bones she carried around for so long, tried all the tricks in this world to make … Continue reading

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