The passers-by went about their day,
Unaware that my world had just blown away,
I so wanted them all to pause and say
It is just a bad dream, the storm will pass by

Streaming sunlight filtered past my blinds,
Sometimes I wonder why it is welcomed by all mankind,
The sun rays sometimes crack my smiling mask,
Revealing, that to smile is such a daunting task.

The darkness spreads slowly across the skies,
Beneath the crimsons and the black, slowly I unravel my mask.
The silent tears can now roll down free,
In the dark, no one can bother me.

I slowly moved across to the window pane,
The drawn curtains reveal the pattering rain,
The raindrops wash my tear stained face,
But my heart still yearns and the gnawing pain remains….

Note: My attempt at something remotely poetic, written around 3 years back… Just found it in my archives and posted it . Please bear with the rhyme!!

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20 Responses to Yearning…

  1. Mayz says:

    wats d pain v r hidin behind d mask deepti…this is a new side to u…or is it a side that u never revealed?? d pain is quite evident…n beautifully put…**The sun rays sometimes crack my smiling mask,Revealing, that to smile is such a daunting task.totally love this line…says so much…n yet dsnt say everythin!!!

  2. Karthik says:

    Wow..well written. really..Why suddenly a sad verse rather than humorous prose?

  3. Deepti says:

    @Mayz: Glad you liked it .. I had written this when I was at the lowest point in life and as I read it again today all the thoughts came rushing by again 😦

  4. Deepti says:

    @Karthik : Great to see you after a long time .. thanks . The humour will be back after this short break 😀

  5. Enduring the Babbles of Life says:

    interesting deepti…why is it that somehow when u r really down…poetry seems to b more natural than prose!? my 2 pice

  6. Macadamia The Nut says:

    I loved it..!!I’ve felt this way at times… dunno why but rain can make me either extremely stimulated or excessively depressed 😀Hi girlfriend!*muah!!*

  7. Solitaire says:

    And I thought you were writing about the bomb blasts after reading the first few lines. Duh!

  8. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    Hallon!I happened to read the note first. 😉 “Please bear with the rhyme”Nice.-Nikhil

  9. Deepti says:

    @Durba: thanks babes…poetry flows in with grief 😉

  10. Deepti says:

    @Mac:Thanks girl friend :D.. the rains get extreme emotions in me too!! Muaah!!

  11. Deepti says:

    @Soli:Ohh so it was a disappointment!! hope it meets ur expectations next time 😀

  12. Deepti says:

    @Nikhil: We always read disclamiers first .. curiosity kills the cat!! 😀 thanks

  13. Keshi says:

    very beautiful! Mainly because I cud relate to this feeling…Keshi.

  14. Deepti says:

    @Keshi: Talk about telepathy .. I just was reading your blog … thanks 🙂

  15. Keshi says:

    haha HUGS!Keshi.

  16. Nishanth says:

    Deepti…My dear sister… God I guess the poetry just runs in our blood.. Aptly written…Do write more…

  17. Deepti says:

    @Nishanth: Thanks da!!

  18. Cinderella says:

    Remotely poetic ?!I think it was nice poetry…way nicer than what you consider as a feeble attempt !I hope my post dint add up to this though.😦

  19. Deepti says:

    @Cindy: Thanks a lot !!! This is something i wrote long ago 🙂 You are one of the best poets in blog world 😀

  20. Swati Gavde says:

    Ekdum Senti!! Nicely written!

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