Deadly Silence!!!

She looked at him, her sad eyes unable to hide the pain of him not responding to anything.
Days had stretched into weeks now; there had been no change in his situation. Nothing seemed to be working, neither the medicines nor the prayers. There were talks around her to replace him, how she wondered it was possible to sever someone from one’s life so easily, just because they can’t serve you anymore.

Slowly she tried to get acquainted to his replacement; but his loyal services over the years still seemed to haunt her. She hoped against hope that his heart would beat again. For the past few days, he had been just lying like a vegetable. She willed her folks to adhere by her decision to keep him alive for a few more days, even if it was through life support. She wanted him to have one last chance.

So my mother keeps on hoping for our dead landline phone to wake up since the past 15 days. Slowly getting accustomed to the cell phone, which she had resented with the intensity of Taliban fighting the US forces. Addicted to the tele phone, she used to chide me .. but the tables just turned 😉 Now just one small beep from our friend the telephone will be the best music we have heard in years !!!!!

PS: And pray why is the telephone a “he”.. you may ask? Because it only listens what you got to say and throws it out through its other ear (literally), and never says anything in return!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 (ok now I can see the male brigade baying for my blood and my sistahs nodding their head vigorously in agreement 😉 )

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8 Responses to Deadly Silence!!!

  1. mathew says:

    this sure does ‘ring’ a bell..;-Dbtw just got my mom to relinquish her old nokia with a new one and it was’nt easy…

  2. --xh-- says:

    LOL.. super…

  3. Mayz says:

    hahahahaha!!!!loved ur reasonin for telephone being a male!!!

  4. Swati Gavde says:

    hehe good one

  5. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    RIP the telephone.Still, hoping the tele <>phoney<> wars end and he wins.-Nikhil

  6. Shantanu says:

    Hah! And why is God a He? Same reason perhaps? 🙂

  7. Deepti says:

    @Mathew: I can understand .. the sad part is our bell is still silent 😦@xh:Thanks a lot buddy 🙂@Mayz: My friend told me few reasons for telephone being female too .. should put that up 😀@Swats: Thanks buddy 🙂@Nikhil: yeah its still resting in peace 😦@Shantanu: God does listen and nowadays i feel he isnt reacting too 😦

  8. Satish Bolla says:

    hmm, i was thinking y u r calling a telephone “he”. at least i was wondering so until i read ur “PS”. good one, mate

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