Do you have the answer??

A crouched figure, fear written in its eyes looked all around. Danger seemed to lurk from all corners. The light shone brightly from the enemy side, blinding its vision. There seemed no route to escape, legs seemed rooted to the ground, paralyzed in fear, and no amount of cajoling seemed to work.

The lights moved closer and there were expletives flying in the air…. and then smoke, pandemonium and confusion reigned!!!!!!

So what’s the age old question….”Why did the chicken cross the road?” almost as eternal a question as “When will Deepti learn to cross the road properly?

P.S: I make a fool of myself each time i cross the road.. so much so that people actually stand across and watch the stand up routine I put forth for them 😛

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9 Responses to Do you have the answer??

  1. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    DM,It started off something like a scene in a Roman Amphitheatre where one of the two doors had a tiger.Choose the wrong door and gone!Then , I dunno…You are at <>cross roads<> 😉-Nikhil

  2. thomas says:

    You sure you don’t have color blindness?? You sure you don’t see red as green and vice versa?? You sure you see the zebra crossing as black and white stripes?? You sure it’s not time to buy specs?? Sure?? Pakka?? Good.

  3. Mayz says:

    all i can say is all d best 🙂

  4. Keshi says:

    but why Deepti? 🙂Keshi.

  5. Swati Gavde says:


  6. --xh-- says:

    lol -never guessed it…

  7. Satish Bolla says:

    i can teach u a thing or two in this aspect

  8. Deepti says:

    @Nikhil:I am at cross roads … just dunno for how long .. 😀@Thomman: Its a bigger problem than all that .. I get paranoid when i see traffic 😀Mayz:Yeah I need all of it 🙂@Keshi: I wish i knew .. major Klutz I am .. 😀@Swats: hehehehe .. you know it first hand 🙂@Satish: yes guruji 🙂

  9. Satish Bolla says:

    @deepthifirst things first. close ur eyes b4 attempting to cross the road.

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