Act 2

The curtains are down on the play for the nth time. The director couldn’t believe they had come such a long way. The play had been based on common people and the writer’s experiences in general. A small idea which had germinated in the writer’s mind had traveled so far. The play had now traversed across the country and even crisscrossed the globe. It was an exhilarating feeling. So many different people met, each meeting just widening their well knit community, almost like a brotherhood.

There was so much hard work behind each performance, the hard work of the people who worked silently behind the scenes… the people the audience don’t see or applaud.

This blog turns 2 today. I can’t believe it has been only 2 years, it seems like ever. There are lots of people who became a part of my life from this world. Most of them whom I haven’t even met, but the bond is there and will be there even if this blog fades away. A special thank you to my friends Nikhil, Keshi, Mayz, Thomas, Mathew, Anju, Shantanu, Swats and Abhi. Thanks a ton for being there always!!!

How can I end this post without thanking a pal ( you know who you are), thanks for being the stingiest critic ( yeah very hard to please) and also making sure “This show goes on!!” without long breaks 😀

And to all those who have been a part of this little journey of mine… gracias for bearing with all the good, bad and real ugly stuff I dished out!!

Also a very happy Valentine’s day to all Cupid’s chosen sons and daughters 😉

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10 Responses to Act 2

  1. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    DM,<>The audience applauded, again.The director smiled, a sense of contentment evident on her.<>Nice.Attagirl!!!-Nikhil

  2. thomas says:

    Think you can escape with a thanks? I demand a treat! 😀 Congrats! And happy Valentines day to you too. 🙂

  3. mathew says:

    congratulations!! i endorse thomman…we need a treat too..or atleast a meditation session at Osho’s ashram!!;-P

  4. Mayz says:

    congrats girl!!!oh n nice change in template 🙂

  5. Karthik says:

    Congrats Deepti..May you continue to write much more at this blog.

  6. Satish Bolla says:

    congrats, my friend. hope u celebrate many more occasions like this, but in a restaurant of course

  7. rohit says:

    Congratulazioni Madam…. Uv really enlightened us with your wicked..oops…wonderful blogs(sinister seven!!!)….hope when ur blog turns 3, ur also one of cupid’s chosen daughters… 😉

  8. Sachin says:

    Belated Congrats……keep up the good work…. 🙂

  9. Deepti says:

    @Nikhil: Thanks buddy 🙂@Thomman: Come to pune and u’ll get a treat.. thats the deal 😀@Mathew: I repeat waht i said to Thomman :)… Osho AShram ya ya @mayz:Thanka alot !!!!!!!@Karthik: Thanks buddy …@Satish: Thanks a lot…@Rohit:yeah yeah .. tu mil mere ko@Sachin: Thanks a lot!!

  10. Shantanu says:

    Congratulations, Deepti! ‘Look forward to many more years here.Re: behind the scenes hard work, I guess you mean people around you? 😉 Those who inspire you to write these funny posts!

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