Really Proud!!

They were both beaming with joy. He had scored 90 marks. Finally he had overcome all the obstacles and got to the top. He had been battling ridicule for so long, they were glad he finally got his due.
I just looked at them, wondering where I had failed them. No matter what I achieved, they didn’t seem to notice it anymore. May be I wasn’t trying hard enough…..

My parents’ reaction to reality show contestants’ marks is beyond my understanding. I don’t remember them reacting with so much pride even to my academic achievements (ok ok not that I gave them many chances … but still!!)
As for me, let me quote Calvin “Reality continues to ruin my life.” 😉

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20 Responses to Really Proud!!

  1. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    DM,We live is a <>Marks-ist<> world.PJ Alert:They need <>No Marks<> cream 😀-Nikhil

  2. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    And that was <>in<> not is.Ho! -Nikhil

  3. Mayz says:

    i wish we had a sms system for our marks…to help deepti score 100% sms mindspace to 100!!!

  4. thomas says:

    Hey I’m proud of your achievements. Srsly! The times when you bagged 1st prize for frog jump in UKG, the times when you topped for fancy dress competition as a baboon <>(I was impressed that you didn’t actually needed any make-up for that).<> With friends like me who appreciate your achievements, actually you should be the one who should be proud – for having such friends. :))

  5. --xh-- says:

    u r not alone 😐 this reality mania is spreading across homes…

  6. Swati Gavde says:

    hehehe holds true for my house too:)))

  7. thomas says:

    Oh and I forgot to tell this – I blatantly shamelessly copied your template.

  8. silverine says:

    Now if you would only a**se whoop that Thomman we would all be so proud of you! 😐

  9. Amal Bose says:

    ya.. its true.. the reality show mania is taking over our homes.. but one nice thing is that they have learned to cry for others.. 😉

  10. thomas says:

    @deepti on silverine’s advice: Now, don’t listen to some nut-brain crones and leap before you look. I’m martial arts expert + karate black belt + arm-wrestling pro. Play with me and your number of bones will double and number of teeth will halve.

  11. silverine says:

    @deepti: Remember…empty vessels make the most noise. We are all behind you. Go for it!“<>This comment sponsored by all his victims<>“

  12. Deepti says:

    @Nikhil : yeah dude we do!!!@Mayz: Hey you my pal!!! 😀

  13. Deepti says:

    @Thomman: You were my co -competitor in all those competitions. I still remember it was you who won the fancy dress prize for the best dressed chimpanzee… my baboon didnt gather any eyeballs despite all my efforts. I disappointed my folks back then too.Yeah frog jump i was definitely better.. you couldnt manage a single jump 🙂I am sure you are martial but dont underestimate the power of us women bloggers 😀Oh… my comment is longer that the post also 😀

  14. Deepti says:

    @xh: I know it is a “real”pain 😀@Swats: hehehe I can understand 🙂@Amalbose: Yeah we should look at the good we get from each situation!! 😉

  15. Deepti says:

    @Silverine: I tried my best to whoop his a**e 😉

  16. silverine says:

    @Deepti: ROFL!!! To good! High five gal!@thomman: Thanks for taking it in the right spirit! 🙂

  17. thomas says:

    @deepti & silverine: I went out for a stroll, and look what happened in the mean time. Ya ya, hi five each other and be satisfied with that. Mammma is calling you 2 babies, it’s time to eat Farex and kurukku. <> And I called you 2 “babies”, not babes. (in case you misconstrued it)<>P.S. Alright, peace! <>But I win<>Naa na na Naa naa. Yo! 😛

  18. thomas says:

    @deepti & silverine: And I’m happy you took it in the right sense too. (unlike many who misunderstand bantering for sarcasm). 🙂

  19. Ashish says:

    great deepti.. i didn’t know you write so good 🙂

  20. Deepti says:

    @silverine: hi five to you too …@Thomman: The farex was really yumm.. yeah all’s well that ends well na .. we all knew its in jest anyways 😀@Ashish: Welcome to my blog buddy .. and thanks for the compliment:)

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