She sits with you in a group, flashes her brightest smiles, and cracks the most nonsensical jokes. You smile back, laugh at her jokes … tears roll down her eyes, you believe they were tears of joy..
Have you ever wondered if the bright smile someone flashes at you, hides a pain beyond imagination?

God really used his imagination when he created humans. Each one is so distinct with the way they express themselves. Some of them talk about it to all and sundry and get over with it. Some just sulk over it, leaving other’s guessing what went wrong . Some of them store it in the far abyss of their heart and minds and just wear masks. Only that the masks tend to become so heavy that they eventually break the individual’s persona….

Clowns wear a face that’s painted intentionally on them so they appear to be happy or sad. What kind of mask are you wearing today?”

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12 Responses to Masks!!

  1. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    <>Valicheriyu Ninte Mukhamoodi<> 😉

    Till then <>mask in glory<>-Nikhil

  2. Amal Bose says:

    i wore a happy mask, but later found it to be translucent.. 😦

  3. thomas says:

    I’m wearing the Deepti mask; just like Gujjus wear Modi mask during elections. But after a small kid shouted out “Look mommy, a chimp!”, I decided to discard it lest I would end up in the city zoo.

  4. mathew says:

    and some wear masks and pretend everything is hunky dory….what would have people done if there were no masks!;-)

  5. Mayz says:

    expressionless numb…comfortably numb…

    hmmm now when i think abt it…its actually not a mask

  6. Satish Bolla says:

    i always wear a “happy mask” whatever my mood mayb. btw, h r u, deepthi? long time since i passed by

  7. Satish Bolla says:

    btw, r u watching F1 this year? sad to see ferrari losing out. misd going to bahrain grand prix yesterday due to work… 😦

  8. mathew says:

    you are tagged..:-)

  9. Keshi says:

    WOW great post!

    I wrote a similar post long time ago…

    **Some of them store it in the far abyss of their heart and minds and just wear masks. Only that the masks tend to become so heavy that they eventually break the individual’s persona

    I agree! I hate that kind. And sooner or later their real faces will show…cos the mask cant hold for too long!

    I dun APPEAR happy/sad. When Im happy Im happy…when Im sad Im sad. I dun HIDE anything…and I tell it like it is. Thats why I dun hv many friends 🙂


  10. Deepti says:

    @Nikhil: 😛 masking in the glory indeed!!

    @Amal: Happened to me also!!

    @Thomman: Trust you to make a mockery of a serious post .. <> Sits sulking in a corner <>@Mathew: If there were no masks … it would be difficult to carry through some situations…

    @Mayz: Very true buddy .. it a “supposed” mask

    @Satish: Yeah we all have our masks .. I am doind good buddy .. thanks for dropping by. Not Following F1 much this season .Its hardly like old times with all the new rules in place 😦

    @Keshi: In my case my face almost mirrors my feelings everyone around me knows my mood .. Sometimes I wish I could wear masks 🙂

  11. Shantanu says:

    We all wear masks and even choose different ones when dealing with different people.

  12. Deepti says:

    @Shantanu:Very true!!

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