One step at a time …

The path seemed familiar but why am I feeling lost? I try hard to find familiarity around me. I hesitate to reach out, like a sibling who had drifted away and lost touch.

I trace a line along the dust that has formed around, the dust almost mocking back at me for blatant neglect. The traced line however revealed a little bit of the world I had stored away in the deep abyss of my mind. The world which had tried to forget existed, the friends I had left behind. A lot of water had flown below the bridge , but there were many things worth going back for.Something was tugging at my heart to give this a chance again …

I realize that this is a part of me I can’t let go. I need to live with it and nurture it. As I tread down the path again, I wonder what was stopping me from coming back. Was I scared of rejection or had I really wandered away aimlessly?

Will I be able to connect like before.. Only time will tell… But I am ready to take little steps again …

I slowly take baby steps back into my mindspace…

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6 Responses to One step at a time …

  1. mathew says:

    welcome back..;-D
    Hey..but how someone so old like you take baby steps…hehe..;-P

  2. thomas says:

    I agree with Mathew. This old lady should watch young dashing men like us.

    You were scared of rejection? Hmm that’s news! Well Deepti, you could’ve always told me your feelings for me anytime. Don’t be scared of rejection; I’ll give it a thought (Ok, now don’t jump around with joy, I understand the elation) 😉 😉 😉

  3. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    appo,quotation koduthalle? Aarko pani kittum!

  4. thomas says:

    *sneeze*cough*sneeze* High time you clean up this blog. It’s full of dust and cobwebs.

  5. Eve* aka JB says:

    🙂 one post at a time. you could always try cut-pasting quotable quotes! Welcome back and keep at it. Persistence makes the space grow stronger luv.

  6. Satish Bolla says:

    r u still taking those baby steps for the past many weeks? post something yaar

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