He slowly peaked into the dark cave. He flashed his lights to have a closer look. He just couldn’t believe what he just saw.

It was no ordinary cave. It was as if Alibaba’s cave had opened up for him without even saying “Open Sesame”. He would be a rich man now… the cave had opened up endless possibilities for him.

He could now invest in that plum piece of real estate he’d been eyeing and that mean machine too would be his. Then that diamond he had promised his wife on her birthday would be reality .. atleast there would no more be “Do you swat flies for a living ?” taunts

He decided to explore the cave further … he wanted to leave no stone unturned.

Thus ran the thoughts through my dentist’s mind as he looked at my teeth………….

As for me .. I am filing for Bankruptcy

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11 Responses to Jackpot!!

  1. Deepthi says:


  2. sids says:

    very nice write up Deepti. I am following you and look forward to more such articles..

  3. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    And you caved in?
    Pallellam poyo? 😀

  4. chandni says:

    lol…that’s a nice way of putting it!

    lovely blog u have here 🙂

  5. thomas says:

    What happened for the sudden visit to the dentist? Someone roughed you up and broke your teeth? 😉

  6. Quirky says:

    Lol. V creative I must say. 🙂

  7. omsai says:

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  8. Satish Bolla says:

    hahaha, nice one yaar. i hope it’s not true

  9. Deepti says:

    @Deepthi : Thanks a lot!!

    @sids: Thanks hope to be more regular!!

    @Nikhil: Poyi!!

    @Chandi: Thanks a Lot .. you ar one of the wittiest I know 🙂

    @Thomas:Yeah what to do .. how you doing buddy .. long time!!

    @quirkfit: thanks and welcome here .. though a tad very belated!!

    @Satish: Thanks a lot .. how you doing friend!!

  10. Satish Bolla says:

    doing good. got engaged recently

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