Spring Cleaning!!

Layers of dust had gathered all around. Cobwebs had formed at every corner.
The once shining furniture was now replaced by something rusted and broken.
There was a time when this place was bustling with activity. Friends and sometimes passers by did drop by for an occasional dekko.
Now the path is deserted and the silence deafening…

She picked up the broom .. determined to clean up the grime and rust around.
The activity would begin again .. friends would drop by for occasional cup of tea and banter.. she had to keep the promise she had made.. This place would be alive again!!

After a big break in regular programming.. Mindspace is spring cleaned and ready to roll!!

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10 Responses to Spring Cleaning!!

  1. mathew says:

    “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” ;-P

  2. DiehardKedar says:

    Nice and tidy!


  3. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    Too much of dust here. Allergic to it.

  4. Nishanth says:

    welcome back sis!!!

  5. privy says:

    Welcome back! :o) u knw who’s da smiley face?

  6. ♪♪HARINI♪♪ says:

    wow awesome!! welcome back!! lol its back-to-blogging mood for so many of us in blogville!!

  7. Sorcerer says:

    first time here I guess.
    nice writeup

    reading the rest and commenting@

  8. abhi_digital says:

    All the best for ur new start padosi..
    Will keep looking for more.

  9. Satish Bolla says:

    let’s hope so. looking fwd for ur posts

  10. Deepti says:

    @mathew: Yeah its finally cleaned up 🙂

    @Kedar: thanks .. karmic friend 😀

    @NN:cough cough ok 🙂

    @Nishanth : thanks da

    @Privy : Thanks .. unmistakable smiley .. i know 😉

    @Harini: Trying to be more regular and thanks for still reading and being patient 😀

    @Sorcerer: Welcome here and do keep reading 😀

    @abhi: thanks

    @Satish:Thanks buddy .. and Congrats 😀

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