Grey matter …

All of us have some activity which we use to empower and increase our grey matter. Some of solve complex mathematical problems, others read all the technical articles. Few solve crosswords and Sudoku , others just play around with all the gadgets available.

I have one too, it’s an easy method, and with almost zero percent chances of failure … I worry!!!

When I was younger, I worried about few things like completing my needle work and embroidery. These subjects were supposed to help us graduate from young girls to fine groomed young ladies , but my nimble fingers refused to be weighed down under the pressures of cross stitch and chain stitch and took a shape of their own. But what it did was contribute to my grey matter…

In college I worried about big things like how to sleep in class unnoticed or how to bunk classes and avoid bumping into the same professor the very same day. I also worried about clearing the boundary line.. No I wasn’t in cricket academy but haven’t you all heard about the 40 mark boundary line??

Work place gave me fewer worries as compared to my parents at that time. Each day I saw a new face on my screen saver, not any beautiful scenery but some prospective groom. I battled deadlines in office and very emotional deadlines at home. I wasn’t worried about not getting married but about my father’s deadline of getting married before he retires.. (phew parents!!) psst .. but that’s one of the few deadlines I did meet!!

Now as I play house, I battle with the following big worries, did I leave the tap running, I run back to double check on the gas connection, I m paranoid when the electricity goes (not scared of dark .. I m worried about the treasures I store in my refrigerator) and the works!!

All these worries have come with one big bonus … it has a very positive and visible influence on my gray matter… I have grown wiser… Coz all my grey hair do give a wiser dignified look ….

I’ve seen many troubles in my time, only half of which ever came true .. Mark Twain!!

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4 Responses to Grey matter …

  1. sheeja says:

    Hmmm… keep up the dignified looks…it’s just a beginning….Wishing you a steady growth in grey matter…

  2. priyanka says:

    hmm well it hapenns post marriage…..u r bound to follow d responsibilities or else d responsibilities will follow u….so better be well equiped wid dat in time

  3. durba says:

    In my pre-college days, one of the grey matter exercises I had was boys, the cute ones, the brilliant ones, and the boring ones.
    In my college days, one of the grey matter exercises I had was fending off the boring ones.
    In my office days, one of the grey matter exercises I have is being the boring one. They survive most appraisal cycles in flying colors!

    Cheers! Deeps! Great take, as usual!

  4. Jai says:

    haha checking gas connection, tap on or off, is awesome..absolute paranoia …of all the things in the world the things we choose to worry about are so funny…

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