As we herald the New Year!!

The bright yellow flowers, the lighted lamps, the fruits and the coconuts, the anointed deities and a bleary eyed girl trying to take up all these sights are my first memories of Vishu.

The new clothes, the anticipation of the kaineettam and the sadhya ,Vishu is numero uno in my list of festivals.

As kids, Vishu was the only time our coffers would be full. I belong to a real big family , so that meant my coffers would be overflowing. Once the cash came in, there were many schemes ( read parents) offered to protect it. If one fell prey to these, it would be like one of those Nigerian money scams , you could bid the money good bye.

The loot would be usually invested very wisely in books ( in my case), cricket bats, posters of Sachin Tendulkar , WWF trump cards (in the Sibling’s case). The remaining would be stored to judiciously be used over the year as contingency fund ( if only I had planned my expenses so well once I started earning .. if only!!)

Once I started earning, it became a matter of give and take. So like my bank balance, no gain!! But more than the amount we get, it’s that childish joy of being indulged that cannot be replaced, however older you get.

Even though I have never been to Kerala for Onam or Vishu, my folks and extended family have always celebrated our festivals with more fervor here than my cousins back in Kerala … there is always that zeal to keep up your traditions once u are away from it.

My new resolution is to be more self reliant.. I have this vice of being overly dependent on people which I want to overcome.. What about you folks??

Hope this year blossoms for you with all the colors of spring … Vishu Ashamsakal

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3 Responses to As we herald the New Year!!

  1. Vishwajit Menon says:

    Good one!
    Especially the nigerian fraud..
    I did fall prey to that initially, but then understood the intentions of these scamsters quickly.:-)

  2. sheeja says:

    Good read.. For the second time now you have made me feel like “I want to grow up once again…”

  3. Sunil Menon says:

    Good read!! Your mind is an ocean of thoughts…keep blogging them!!

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