The gift ..

She lay back staring at the stark ceiling, wondering if they were colored white to bore people and put them to sleep. Her mind was full of ideas; she had been planning this party for as long as she could remember. The excitement wouldn’t let her sleep.

She had personally looked at every minor detail; she hoped he would remember this night for the rest of his life. The hall was fully decked, the DJ was setting up his console and the guests had started pouring in.

She came from a very affluent family, where Versaces and Armanis rubbed shoulders with the Louis Vuittons with practiced ease. Her childhood was any young girl’s dream, with vacations to exotic locales and all that she wished for. Her parents were busy climbing the social ladder, so they made sure to give in to all her demands.

Today is his engagement party. She waited patiently with the others, for the couple to take centre stage. They were heralded with a shower of rose petals, the demure girl and the dashing lad. Rings were exchanged and the celebrations began with the dancing and the revelry. She danced with complete abandon; the party was going as planned.

The toasts were raised; the couple looked drunk in their happiness. They had eyes only for one another. It was her turn, she turned to face the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, hope you had a great time at this party, I take this opportunity to congratulate Pia and Rishi on their betrothal. Hope you both remain happy always.”

The DJ stopped the music, one voice played on the speakers, “Anoushka, don’t you ever disclose this to anyone, I have pictures of you. It’s only your life which will be ruined. Yes Rishi , she said fear lacing her voice” The phone clicked indicating an end in conversation.
The room which till now reverberated in cheer, suddenly turned ice cold. All eyes turned to Anoushka and then to Rishi. She looked at him and said, “Rishi bhiayya , I wish I had this courage 10 years back when I was ten and you played your games with me. I played along as I looked up to you and wanted to please my smartest cousin. I thought Pia bhabhi should know too .. she should learn to appreciate your dirty games .

With that she walked out of the party, leaving an ashen faced Rishi and a retreating marriage party!!

Child sexual abuse is one topic i feel very strongly about. The most vulnerable section of society and the  heinous crime cuts across all socio economic barriers!!

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6 Responses to The gift ..

  1. Sheeja says:

    Good one Deepti! Child sexual abuse seems to be one of the prevalent threats of the present. Somewhere down the lane values are degenerating……Sad… these days people think that using abusive language and behaving in an uncivilized manner are the criteria of being trendies.

  2. durba says:

    good work! looking forward to more fiction 🙂

  3. Thomas Sebastian says:

    You too Brutus! Neeyum wordpress-ileekke maariyo.

    Iyaalu ippum “subtly camouflaged posts” okke maatti full time fiction aayo.

  4. Marvin says:

    Hi Deepti, your hubby said you read my blog, so I’m visiting yours! Very cool! I know you’re busy so you don’t write much, but I like what I read here. I’ll keep track of you now! And congrats on landing such a nice man as a husband. 😉 I know he is similarly lucky.

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