Voices in my head

Since over a month, each time I hear voices in my head. The voices give me instructions on what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. Each day I try hard to block the voices and go about my daily tasks but they refuse to go away.

Sometimes the voices almost seem like they are barking orders at me. Don’t we have enough people ordering us around to have some random voice joining in?

Few days I am even scared to wake up, the voices are really becoming louder. I wonder if they are the fruit of my over imagination. I cannot mention them to anyone, for the fear of being labeled insane. It was a tricky situation, do I let the voices dictate my life or do I continue being the free bird (read bird brain)??

I tried concentrating on the positive things I heard, and to implement them. The more I abided to their instructions, the voices seemed to die down and let me be.  The voices seem to know where exactly to guide me and where to rein me in. It all boiled down to listening between sentences and paying attention to finer details. My life has become easier and they have found a different person to guide.

The voices of the instructors at the driving school …. Night and day, I hear their instructions, a few  good ones like “Madam aapne clutch poora nahi dabaya” or

Some bad ones like “ Jitna control ho steering pe utna speed badhao.”

Or the real ugly ones like “ Kya aap bhool gayi ki apne gaadi me break bhi hota hai!!”

As for me, I have finally decided to follow what they say, for my good and the good of many around me …

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4 Responses to Voices in my head

  1. Siddhesh says:

    Nice one Deepti. i am sure you will write for how many eyes one needs to have while driving, once you start driving on your own…

    dont worry.. we’ll be ur extra pair of eyes 🙂

  2. Priyanka says:

    Woow Deepti….this is simply good…..good in its own way…

  3. al says:

    hey good one..
    and yes a long time…

  4. satish says:

    i too started going to driving classes …. 😦

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