Digging up some treasures…

I had a dream, a dream in which a supernatural being told me of a treasure cove and urged me to go in that direction and find it. I normally forget my dreams as soon I press the snooze button of my alarm clock, but strangely this one stayed crystal clear in my memory.

After days of dilly dallying and pondering and delaying (yes yes I treat everything equally, my dreams and blog included), I decided to go ahead and follow this lead.

I walked towards where the path took me. The road was filled with small trinkets, which I picked up along the way. Some of the trinkets even looked familiar. The long walk was making me tired and my mind seemed to be tiring along with my exercise starved limbs.

Slowly the path cleared and I could see the huge pile of treasure the super being had promised me. Most of the stuff looked like something I had loved and lost. My favourite hair bands, clips,earrings, a small mountain of pens, insurance papers, important bills, birthday cards, visiting cards , medicines and cosmetics  (way past their expiry dates, almost from the Harrappan era). I looked at it all in disbelief. This treasure hunt was almost like a walk down memory lane.

I gazed at the pile and went into a memory induced daze… only to be woken up by the spouse’s exasperated tone ” Ok, can we empty your next hand bag and search for that document?”

Yes, I have to sheepishly admit that I have to rummage through many eco-systems   when I rummage through the galaxy called my hand bag looking for sun -glasses or just a bill. The eco-systems which otherwise co-exist peacefully until I shatter them with one of my frantic searches 🙂 I am sure they eye with me with the same suspicion we had for Mr. Laden. I just hope they are not secretly plotting a war against me by destroying my treasures forever.

How I wish there was a tracking device where I could just feed in the name of the thing I am looking for and it would miraculously emerge from my bag instead of tolerating the endless snide remarks from the spouse of nurturing a black hole in the house. Good food for thought as I munch on the not so damaged chocolate I just dug out!!!


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One Response to Digging up some treasures…

  1. Karthik says:

    Haha..Nice post as usual

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